Company Retirement Plans

We at Brady Associates Asset Management understand that a strong retirement plan is an asset in
retaining and recruiting key employees for your organization. In order for your employees to
best achieve their retirement goals, your plan should be dynamic, reflecting the growth of your
organization and employee participation levels.

We also recognize that you, the plan sponsor, have more strategic things to focus on than your
plan’s administrative needs. As your representative, Brady Associates Asset Management will work closely
with the TPA (third party administrator), record keeper, custodian, CPAs, legal counsel, boards,
trustees and participants — helping you fulfill your responsibilities and provide the support
your employees deserve.

Our Objective is to:

  • Provide Customized solutions that are tailored to the needs of plan sponsors and
  • Oversee and provide full support to meet critical fiduciary responsibilities related to
    administration and compliance with up‐to‐date information on any changing federal
  • Provide regular reviews of the Plan’s participation levels, investment options, and fee
    structures – providing the transparency so you can make better and more informed
    decisions for your employees and your company’s financial health.
  • Provide the tools and personalize support needed by participants so their objective are
    aligned with their goals.

We at Brady Associates Asset Management are committed every day to provide objective and independent
services and solutions to meet the needs of plan sponsors, both big and small.

Please contact Steve Kim to schedule a review of your current plan or to design a new
retirement plan for your organization.